Are HGTV Real Estate Shows a Good Resource?

are hgtv real estate shows a good resourceReal estate television shows on HGTV and other networks – such as House Hunters, Flip This House, My First Place, and others – are extraordinarily popular among viewers all over the country.  But are those real estate tv shows a good resource for prospective home buyers and sellers as they learn about the buying and selling process?


The answer is yes and no. While they ARE extremely helpful in some ways, they can be misleading in others.


The Pros: Sellers especially seem to learn valuable lessons about preparing a home to sell from real estate tv shows , such as the importance of home staging and clearing the clutter.  Habitual watchers also seem to respect that proper pricing is a critically important element in selling a home – something that’s often difficult to drive home to first-time sellers.  Buyers who watch real estate tv shows often have a better sense of seeing potential in a home.


The Cons: One major drawback of real estate tv shows is that they radically condense the timeline of buying and selling homes.  The show has to fit in 30 minutes or an hour; so weeks and months of showing after showing  (not to mention a lengthy negotiation period once a sale is agreed upon) are neatly clipped down 20 minutes and a wrap-up.  The truth is, neither buying nor selling is usually a quick process.  Even in the best markets, sellers’ homes can sit on the market for months or more, and buyers can see scores of houses before they find their dream home.  Also, there seems to be some misconception about prices, even among watchers of real estate tv shows: the value of your home depends on a variety of factors, from the city, state, and geography of your location to the time of year, state of the market, and comparable recent sales within your neighborhood.


If you want a truly realistic idea of what selling your home or buying a new one means for you, contact a local expert real estate agent.  He or she can tell you the value of your home, the status of the current market, and give you an idea of what the buying and selling process is really like.   If you have more questions about this process, or if you want to discuss buying or selling a home in the North County San Diego area, give Katie a call at 959-922-2226 for a free, no-obligation chat about your ideas and concerns.  Let your local expert work for you!  And feel free to visit Katie’s Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website for more information!

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