Best San Diego Trick-or-Treating!

His bucket is all ready for trick or treating.It’s almost Halloween! Hopefully costume issues are all worked out – so it’s time to make some other important decisions, like where you and your kids will be trick-or-treating!  Although most neighborhoods are decent for trick-or-treaters, some San Diego communities are absolutely stellar in terms of decorations, family involvement, safety and overall Halloween experience. And sometimes it’s just fun to mix it up! So no matter where you’re located in San Diego, think about heading to one of these highly recommended neighborhoods for a fabulous night of trick-or-treating family fun!


Bird Rock

This quaint section of La Jolla offers a warm community feel for families wanting a traditional trick-or-treating experience. The shops along La Jolla Blvd are always fabulously decorated, so stop by! Then, make your way into one of the nearby gated communities for easy trick-or-treating without a long walk. The community of Bird Rock asks residents to stop handing candy out at 8pm, so arrive early!


Loma Portal

This area of Point Loma is home to a high school, middle school and several elementary schools, so it’s full of families celebrating the holidays!  It’s also known for the outrageously elaborate decorations on some of the streets – people come from far and wide just to check out the festivities!


Mission Hills

This neighborhood goes all out with over-the-top decorations, ghoulish goblins and creepy crawlies around every turn.  Very little kids might be scared by some of the more extreme decorations, but families with older kids will get a kick out of the spooky sights on Sunset Boulevard.



This small-town community was ranked #1 Trick-or-Treating Destination in San Diego by! This is the place for a whole family trick-or-treating experience, from decked-out dogs on leashes to happy haunts for little kids. Homes on Edgeware and Canterbury Drive tend to get backed up with lines, so most trick-or-treaters start near the Starbucks on Adams and Marlborough, where parking is a little easier.


Carmel Mountain

The suburban streets of Carmel Mountain are said to be where it’s at when it comes to the best candy for costumed kids. You can also head to Carmel Mountain Plaza to find Halloween fun for families with young children. Participating merchants will be handing out candy from 3-5pm, and live music is offered in the courtyard.


Scripps Ranch

Residents in this neighborhood often hand out full-sized candy bars, and it’s rumored that dollar bills have even shown up a time or two! Scripps Ranch Marketplace also offers an annual event for families looking to celebrate in the days leading up to Halloween. There you’ll find fun rides, in-store treats and more.



If you’re in the armed forces (or have friends who are), military housing complexes are some of the best spots to go trick-or-treating. Many military families have young children, so there are tons of kids in costume and parents eager to share the experience!

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