Building the Perfect Man Cave

Every boy wants a boys’ clubhouse – whether he’s 5 or 50.  And thus, the man cave was born! While there are some men who’d prefer to call their man cave “the garage” or “the basement,” the truth is that any man with a room entirely his own – preferably accessed with a 10-digit security code and retina identification – is pretty darn happy. 

Creating the perfect man cave depends on the man: some are content with the cat-clawed-to-shreds couch and a tv with rabbit ears, others want the full 19th century British explorer look. Whatever your style, here are some tips on being the perfect man-cave man.


  1. PICK A THEME. You’re going to be spending a lot of time here – so pick something you can live with for a while.  Your favorite sports team, your favorite hobby, your favorite place you’ve traveled, whatever period of history screams “MANLY MEN!” to you – anything goes.


  1. PLAYING GAMES. Pool table. Poker table. Ping pong table. Foosball. Pinball. Skeeball. Backgammon!  Shuffleboard! Checkers!  Battleship! The possibilities are endless!!


  1. WATCHING GAMES.  Anything with a screen will do, but note that the prices of big, high-definition televisions are lower than they’ve ever been before.  However, an important thing to consider: make sure the family tv is at least as good or better than your man-cave tv.  The LAST thing you want is the fam sneaking in to watch the Disney Channel or the Real Housewives of ANYWHERE.


  1. DRINKS.  Obviously, cold drinks are a necessity.  You just have to figure out how you want to play it.  Will you be James-Bond-ing it with a full bar and classic cocktail fixin’s?  Or pulling cold bottles out of a cooler?  Whichever feels most manly to you, be prepared.  Treat the family to a new fridge and adopt the old one; or a dorm fridge for just the essentials; a kegerator; a mahogany bar with tap handles and steins…Dream big.


  1. ROCK OUT.  Consider the advantages of music for your man-cave.  A top-of-the-line sound system would be fantastic, but hooking up some speakers to your mp3 player also gets the job done.  Or go retro and pick up an honest-to-God record player on Ebay.  Are you a karaoke kind of guy?  Is your musical experience incomplete without a subwoofer? These are important things to think about.


  1. SIT BACK AND RELAX.  Furniture is an important element in this equation. You need to balance your need to lean back and relax with the boys (think recliners and sectionals) with the need for a  clear path to the fridge (don’t overcrowd your space).


  1. LOCK IT DOWN.  Want everyone to stay out of your man-cave? Then put a lock on it.  “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” sign optional.
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