Community Program Helps Improve Del Mar

del mar program beautify public spacesMany residents of San Diego have experienced the sense of community that characterizes so many of our neighborhoods.   For example, a new volunteer program in Del Mar is helping to beautify small, neglected public spaces that need a little TLC!  The “Adopt-a-Spot” program has Del Mar residents proposing and carrying out plans to improve spaces such as bare areas between land parcels, neglected areas of parks, dividers, unlandscaped corners and other small pieces of public property.  These caring Del Mar neighbors are trimming trees, removing invasive species and weeds, sweeping, and picking up trash.


In the Adopt-a-Spot program, residents propose a plan for improvement of a public space to the Del Mar Public Works Department, and the Parks and Recreation Committee helps review those plans that involve significant modifications to a “spot.”  Public Works staff help out through providing safety vests, traffic cones or Waste Management containers for green waste disposal, but all the work is done by caring community members!  Small pieces of land all over the city are cleaning up, brightening up, and undoubtedly improving public experience and real estate values around them.


There are tons of reasons to get involved – to make your neighborhood more beautiful, to meet your neighbors, or just to feel good about doing something productive with your day!  Also, many schools and clubs have community service requirements – this would be a great way for your kids to donate their time, fulfill those requirements and get involved with their community!  If you’d like to get involved, call the Public Works department at 858-755-3294 or email  Good luck, and have fun!

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