Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

fall home maintenanceThe rains have come to San Diego!  With the first drizzle of fall upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the maintenance we can perform now to safeguard our homes against damage and mishap this winter.  Although here in San Diego we don’t have to worry about snow and ice, there are still plenty of threats – rain, damp, pests, in-laws – that our homes will have to stand up to over the coming holiday season.  Use this home maintenance checklist to make sure you’re prepared!


  1. Maintain large appliances.  Your fridge dying the day before you host the Thanksgiving feast is the LAST thing you need.  So get these large appliance to-do’s out of the way now:
    1. Pull your refrigerator away from the wall and clean the condenser coils in the back with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. Vacuum dust from the lower grille, and if your unit has a drip pan and drain, clean those as well.
    2. Clean the oven and stove drip pans, and clean the surface burners on your gas stove to make ensure proper flame level.
    3. Clean and deodorize your garbage disposal but packing it with ice cubes and 1/4 cup baking soda; throw some lemon wedges in for freshness!  After the ice-grinding noise stops, pour a kettle full of boiling water into the sink


  1. Clean and maintain closets.  If you can’t see the floor or close the door, there’s a problem.  A too-cramped closet is a haven for pests, and a hazard when you start getting ready to receive guests (think coats, luggage, shoving things into the closet for last minute “cleaning”).


  1. Maintain woodwork.  October and November are good times to repair and glue woodwork, because inside air is at its driest.  Wobbly dining room chairs; table legs; baseboards or other trim; now is the time to get everything in tip-top shape!


  1. Clean leaves from gutters.  It’s a dirty, slimy job, but it will protect you from expensive water damage!  Rubber gloves and a gallon  bucket will make things easier; scoop the leaves into the bucket by hand, as a trowel or other tool may damage gutters.  Use a hose with a pressure nozzle to unclog the bottom of the gutter, and feed the running (un-nozzled) hose up through the pipe to knock loose any clumps.


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