Hablamos español! We speak Spanish At Rancho Santa Fe School

In an exciting  article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review this week, Karen Billings reported that the Rancho Santa Fe School board is proudly adding Spanish-speaking courses to the kindergarten thru fifth grade curriculum at Roger Rowe Elementary. Rancho Santa Fe Village is charming, beautiful and brings comfort and support for families living in the area by the access to The Roger Rowe Elementary School.


katie hawkes group, rancho santa fe real estate, Rancho Santa fe review, Rancho Santa Fe SchoolSuperintendent Lindy Delaney recommended that the school allow time for Spanish courses by moving ocean science courses into the science lab time and public speaking added to the mandatory library time.


Many families are really excited and happy to hear that Spanish will be added to the schools curriculum as its own course. It’s important to start teaching your children language at a young age because most children have already developed vocalization by six months, according to Child Development Institute. This means that your child is at a prime age by six months to start learning new languages!


We can hope that this will maintain the status of our education system in the Ranch.  “Rancho Santa Fe residents 18 years old and over graduated high school and 67% completed a Bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 34% higher than that of San Diego County. Education statistics were sourced from census in 2015”, according to Rancho Santa Fe lifestyle and demographics on Realtor.com.





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