How To Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area!

With the weather heating up and summer BBQ’s frequenting your calendar, eating outside is a must! Whether you have a great outdoor area or are in need of creating one, here are a few tips for sprucing up your summer space!

A Summer BBQ Table

-Decide the location of your outdoor area. Check this area throughout the day to make sure there is no blinding light, unfortunate views, or raucous neighbors.

-You need a good dining set to act as the anchor for your area. Whether you get a whimsical picnic table or a larger stone one, a table acts as the focus point. For cheap finds scour local thrift shops, flea markets, or craigslist. If using cushioned chairs you can always reupholster them with colorful, patterned prints to liven up the area or match other parts of the house.

-Since you will be eating out here, make sure it is close to the cooking area. Whether that be the actual kitchen, BBQ, grill, or pizza oven, make sure you only have to venture a few yards before the food makes it to the table. You don’t want any mishaps before the food gets to guests.

-Create the right atmosphere. Use candles or table lanterns at night. If in a mosquito prone area make sure to get citronella candles to keep them away! For a beachy feel put large shells or starfish on the table and use netting as a table runner. Use outdoor or portable speakers to play festive music to set the mood. Whatever suits the theme of your BBQ or party go for it!



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