How to Prepare Your Home to Sell: Step 2

Improve your home before selling living room flowersSo: you’re getting ready to sell your home, and you’ve gotten rid of the clutter.  Now it’s time for some small but important home improvements! If you’re preparing to sell – or even if you’re just getting ready to host a dinner party – the effect of a first impression cannot be underestimated in the real estate market.  As any realtor will tell you, getting your home ready to show is one of the most important aspects of selling real estate.  You need to make your home look like it’s worth every penny of your selling price, or there’s a good chance you won’t get it!  How can you help its beauty and potential shine through?  Aside from major renovations, here is a great list of suggestions, tips and tricks to easily – and inexpensively! – make sure that your home wows family, friends, and potential buyers.


Remember that you’re  not trying to impress with your particular style – you’re taking it with you, after all! – but rather, creating a clean, attractive home full of potential that the buyer can see!  And of course, if you have any further questions about buying or selling a home, give Katie a call at (858) 922-2226 for a chat, or visit her Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website!


  • Clean all of your appliances thoroughly, including the insides of your oven and microwave.


  • Make or buy a lovely centerpiece for your dining room table.


  • Create nice aromas with potpourri and air fresheners, and eliminate bad odors with Febreeze, deodorizers, and air circulation


  • Let more light in! If you’re showing your home or having people over, open your blinds and curtains. If areas of your home are naturally dark, turn on some lights.


  • Clean your fireplace.
  • Keep up with home maintenance, including your lawn, and make sure your front landscaping looks clean and manicured.


  • Buy a nice new welcome mat for the front door.


  • Embellish the area around your front door with some nice potted plants.


  • Make scrapes and smudges disappear by painting the front door.


  • A new doorknob and lock can make a front door look newer, and also add a sense of security.


  • Make sure your house numbers are polished, distinct and visible.


  • Brighten your front door with a seasonal wreath or simple decoration.


  • Make sure your roof looks good – repair any loose shingles, and clean and repair any rain gutters.


  • Put fresh towels and hand towels in your bathrooms.


  • Touch up any rough spots in your walls with some extra paint, or match your color at any hardware store.


  • To prepare for selling, think about having your carpets thoroughly clean; at the very least vacuum often, especially each morning you know the house will be shown.


  • Ensure that your faucets and toilets are drip-free. Not only are drips annoying, they are costly and a potential maintenance issue for the buyer!


  • As a final nice touch, vases of flowers and potted plants in attractive containers can do wonders for bland end tables and unremarkable corners.



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