It’s getting HOT in here!

SAFTY FIRST! Rancho Santa Fe’s Firefighters are pleased to inform us of their training at the 4S Ranch Station. Whether its practicing putting out a home fire or car rescues this team have been putting in work to make sure they are prepared for anything that can happen. Part of this training for how to get out of being trapped in a burning building. This faculty also offers training for civilians who want to become part of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).


Not only does the Rancho Santa Fe fire department use the 4S Ranch training facility but also San Diego Fire, Del Mar Fire, Carlsbad Fire, Vista Fire, Encinitas Fire and Solana Beach Fire. This helps not only with having access to a training facility nearby but also allows for more team building meetings to occur with the neighboring departments this way they are prepared for community emergencies.


Information sourced from the RSFR, read the whole article here!

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