Lastly: The One Day Kindness Challenge

holiday health tips kindnessThe thing about the holidays is – let’s face it – people can really suck.  They drive like maniacs, for one thing. I have gotten in car accidents in December of the last TWO years, when people hit me because they weren’t paying attention, were in too much of a hurry, and were generally just mentally in their shopping lists instead of on the road.  A few years ago someone stole my purse from Costco with all my Christmas money in it.  Shopping is dog-eat-dog. It’s a jungle out there.


We can’t do anything about how other people behave.  So for the last day of Holiday Health Week, I wanted to share my observation that having kindness and positivity inside you DOES spread to the world around you.  Don’t believe me?  Take the One Day Kindness Challenge.  This is a list of things you can do in ONE day, with very little extra time or effort, that will spread kindness in yourself and to others.  Start tomorrow.  Or hey, start today!  I guarantee that you will feel better – and you might even see that good feeling pass to those around you.  Try it and see!!


The One Day Kindness Challenge


1.    As soon as you wake up in the morning, before you think of anything you have to do today, SMILE. With teeth!  Eyes open or closed. Take a deep breath.


2.  Before you get out of bed, think of something you’re grateful for.

The more grateful we are, the more we have to be grateful for.  Now: start your day.


3. Clean up and/or brighten a space in your life.

This can go for any space that you spend time – your kitchen, your bedroom, your desk at work, even your car.  Straighten up some papers.  Clean some windows.  Wash the dishes.  Put a vase of flowers on the kitchen table.  You could even clear out the icons on your computer desktop and change your background to something colorful.  Caring for the space around you is caring for yourself, and even small transformations can make a difference in how you see the world.


4.  Sometime today, look in the mirror and pick AT LEAST one thing about you that you love.  Then say to yourself, “I have great _____.”

NO other judgments allowed during this time.


5.  Compliment someone (ideally a stranger).

This is way easier than you think: I like your necklace.  That is a great tie.  Your outfit is darling.  You have a great smile (I remember every single time someone has said this to me, and thinking about them ALWAYS makes me happy).  You did a great job on that report/task/project.  Anything!  As long as it’s GENUINE.  Really take a moment to appreciate something about someone, you know?


6.  Hug your pet.

Showing love and care to animals is kindness in action.


7.  Hug someone who’s not your pet.

Scientifically proven to lower stress!  Seriously.


8. Laugh.

About whatever. Or nothing. Just do it.


9.  Thank someone just for being great. Think about someone truly wonderful in your life, someone who makes you feel warm and fuzzy,  who goes above and beyond to help you, be there for you, or otherwise make your life better.  Then, thank them.  Call them, email them, text them, just send them a message that says, “Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome.”


10.  Literally just think about this saying (attributed to Plato) for one whole minute (time it!): “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting the hard battle.”

It never hurts to remind ourselves that whatever difficulties we’re going through, everyone else has their share too.


11.  Use the phrase “Thank you so much!” at least once.

It needs to be this exact phrase, but it doesn’t matter who you’re thanking.  Your assistant. Your spouse.  Your child.  The checkout guy at Trader Joe’s.  Whoever.


12.  Stop. SMILE.



…And there you have it.  This is one of those things where the more you put in, the more you get out – so don’t limit yourself to one compliment, one smile, one hug!  And feel free to share this post – the more people take the challenge, the better off everyone will be!


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