New Fiber-Optic Internet For Rancho Santa Fe

2959253587_188ebcc284_z5989707041_64de393f6b_oRancho Santa Fe is a charming, tucked-away community surrounded by hills, trees, and natural preserves, endowing it with the serene feel that draws people to it.  This natural charm does come with some drawbacks, however.  Wireless connectivity suffers, and the copper wiring that enables internet and phone services is outdated and aging poorly.  Most people in Rancho Santa Fe have internet connectivity, but many of them are unsatisfied with it.  Unfortunately, the usual providers like Cox have been loathe to improve the facilities themselves because the sparse population provides less incentive to shoulder the relatively high cost of improvement.


Enter: Rancho Santa Fe Association, which is sallying forth with a new plan to add a new fiber-optic backbone to Rancho Santa Fe.  There are still details to be worked out, including whether the Association will build and own the facilities themselves, or whether they will pay a company like AT&T or Cox to do it.  In any case, however, the residents of Rancho Santa Fe have faster, more reliable wireless and broadband internet to look forward to.  You can read more about this story, by Karen Billing, on the Rancho Santa Fe Review.


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