Rancho Santa Fe Condos Granted Golf

rancho santa fe golf club membershipGood news, Rancho Santa Fe!  Thanks to a unanimous April 17th vote by Rancho Santa Fe Association Board members, all condominium owners in Rancho Santa Fe have been granted Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club membership rights.


This move was not without controversy: some Association members thought that the issue should have been put to an Association-wide vote.  Others believed that if a homeowner pays an assessment to the Association, they should be granted the right to golf membership.


Although it’s not expected that condominium owners will all rush to join the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club now that they may, this will certainly add to property values.  Currently, there are 19 condominium developments in the Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe, comprising a total of 88 units.


As for renters?  Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Manager Al Castro shared that membership is reserved for those who retain at least 34% ownership of the property.  The owner of the condominium can grant their renter a social fee membership for dining use of the Club only.


If you have any questions about the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club or other aspects of life here in the Ranch, feel free to give Katie a call at 858-922-2226858-922-2226! And don’t forget to check out the Katie Hawkes Group’s Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website!

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