Rancho Santa Fe is home to the best hotel in the country!

Rancho Valencia 1 Rancho Valencia 2U.S. News & World Report holds an annual ranking of the best hotels in the nation, chosen from thousands visited across the nation by travel journalists, and Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, a beautiful hotel on 45 acres of gorgeous Rancho Santa Fe land, has been ranked #1.


The owners of the hotel, who acquired it only 5 years ago, gave the property a $30M make-over and have been reaping the rewards ever since.  Their ranking has gone up each year since the remodeling of the luxury resort, thanks not only to the big things but also the small ones such as free mini bar access, or serving free, fresh-pressed juices after the on-site fitness classes.  No doubt that one of the primary attractions, however, is the lovely setting of Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego.  Nestled in verdant hills yet close to the sea, with year-round mild and sunny weather, Rancho Santa Fe makes for one of the most ideal sports to build a resort — or a home!


Of course if you’d like more information on Rancho Santa Fe, or about real estate in general, please give Katie Hawkes a call!  She can be reached at 858-922-2226, or you can contact her by email at kathleenhawkes@gmail.com.  Or, if you’d like more details about this topic of this post, see the article “Rancho Valencia ranked No. 1 in U.S.” in the San Diego Union Tribune.

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