Rancho Santa Fe Local Produce: White Wine Sangria Recipe!

white wine sangria summerHere in Rancho Santa Fe, and in the entire North County San Diego area, we are blessed with an abundance of local produce – and not a small amount of that produce is fruit!  Of course fresh, local fruits and other produce are good any way you fix them, but sometimes it helps to think outside the box!  For example, at a summer party at the Hawkes house recently, a batch of white wine sangria was the hit of the night!  Although red wine sangria is what people usually think of in summer, white wine sangria is light, refreshing, and actually makes those beautiful fruit colors POP!




Here’s what you need:

– A bowl or pitcher (we were hosting 50+ people, so we used a big bowl)

– A watertight Ziplock bag or container

– Fruit (any fresh, local fruits will do, but at the very least you should have some citrus – oranges and lemons/limes/grapefruit – and any other pretty, not-mushy fruit: some things that work well include strawberries, blueberries, ripe apricots or peaches, etc).

– Brandy

– A bottle (or several, if you’re preparing a large batch) of any white wine (the lighter the better).

– Some kind of spritzer – we like Izze or Hansen’s grapefruit soda, but you could also use just lemon-lime soda or lemon-lime flavored spritzer water



– The day before (or the morning of): slice your fruit into relatively small chunks or slices (leave blueberries whole).  Put into a bag or container with 1/8 – 1/4 cup of brandy (you don’t need too much).  Let soak for an hour.  Drain the brandy from the fruit (but save the brandy!  Now you have some fruit-flavored brandy, which is great for a variety of dessert recipes, or just plain in champagne cocktails!).

– Assemble your sangria!  Pour wine into bowl or pitcher, add fruit, and then add spritzer to taste (you want it a little fizzy, but you don’t want the soda to overpower the wine and fruit).  Stir.

– Chill (both you and the sangria).  Adding ice will dilute the sangria, so put the sangria container in the fridge if you can, and serve with a bucket of ice on the side, that people can add if they choose.

– At our party, the sangria totally disappeared!  When this happened, we just poured more wine and spritzer over the remaining fruit in the bottom of the bowl, and had a whole new batch!


Enjoy!  And feel free to comment on this post and let us know how it goes – we’d love to know any variations you used, and if you liked the recipe!

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