Reduce Summer Energy Use & Cool Your Home WITHOUT AC!

reduce energy consumption cool home without ACHere in Rancho Santa Fe, we’re lucky not to experience some of the extreme high and low temperatures that many places have to deal with!  But especially during late summer, the heat and humidity can get pretty uncomfortable.  Cooling your home with AC can be a pretty big financial drain – and so much energy use at peak hours in summer can lead to higher rates and even blackouts!  All the more reason to consider these tips to reduce summer energy use and cool your home, AC-free.


  1. Are your windows covered?  Consider a set of attractive plantation shutters, efficient honeycomb shades, or any other kind of blinds or window covers.  This allows you to control air flow while also blocking out harsh, hot sunlight.  Covering your windows in summer may reduce heat exchange by as much as 80%!


  1. Your windows themselves could use a tune-up.  Your options include installing high-performance windows or glass coatings; sun-control films that reduce glare and heat; and double-pane thermal glass, which provides greater insulation from sun all year.


  1. Walk outside.  Can you add shade anywhere around your house?  Putting awnings over windows and planting extra trees can help, and pergolas or patio umbrellas in some of the sunniest outdoor corners of your home can both create great entertainment areas (for more tips, see our blog on Outdoor Entertainment Areas) and shade your home.


  1. Your AC isn’t your only summer energy drain – have you thought about your refrigerator lately? Older model refrigerators and freezers, and ones whose seal is getting worn, waste a TON of energy and cost you money! Replace your gaskets if you can easily pull out a dollar bill when you close the door on it.  If you’re thinking of a new fridge, look for the “Energy Star” label for great energy-savers.


  1.  Lastly, an age-old summer trick: switch from cotton sheets to linen.  Linen sheds that extra heat, keeping you cooler and decreasing your need to run the AC or fan at night.
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