San Diego Home Prices: BUY NOW

San Diego Home Prices Buy NowOver the past year, home prices in San Diego (and, in fact, all over the nation) have experienced their largest year-over-year increase since 2005, with San Diego way ahead of the national average.   San Diego homeowners are thrilled – but what does this mean for buyers?


Well, buyers, now is your time.  Summer is typically the peak season for home sales, with the wave tapering off (though not disappearing) as we hit fall and winter.  This means prices leveling out a bit more than they have over the summer.  It also means less competition: since most people are preoccupied with the holidays and not home shopping, you have more choices and more bargaining power.


So if you’ve been contemplating a move, now is an excellent time!  If you want to learn more about the current real estate market, what your home could sell for, and what you could look at buying, give Katie a call at 858-922-2226. Also, feel free to check out her Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website, and text “Katie” to 858-314-3444 to receive a fantastic real estate mobile app that will help you find info on listed homes, set up real estate searches, find out what’s on the market near you, and more!

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