San Diego Named BEST Place for Small Business by Forbes

san diego best small business forbesGreat news for Rancho Santa Fe, North County San Diego, and San Diego as a whole!  Much to the delight and pride of San Diegans, our city was ranked #1 Best Place to Start a Small Business in the country, according to a recent Forbes study!  As a lifelong San Diegan in a family of entrepreneurs – my grandfather started Rancho Santa Fe Properties, the real estate business where, under the name of Berkshire Hathaway, several members of my family and I work to this day, and my daughter just started her own San Diego business! –  I am so proud of my San Diego!


The Forbes study looked at the 50 most populous cities in the United States, assessing whether they are good environments for small businesses.  This assessment was based on billions of data points that revealed whether those cities are friendly to entrepreneurs; are characterized by great community engagement; and have good access to resources.  These characteristics were evaluated based on a number of criteria: for example, the percentage of small businesses as a fraction of total businesses; percentage of small businesses in high growth industries; percentage of small businesses with Facebook pages and websites; and percentage of businesses with online reviews.  Denver, Austin, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco also made the top half of the list (Western state pride!).


Great job, San Diego!  We ranked in the top 5 in nearly every category to get into that top slot.  We have a heavy concentration of businesses in high-growth industries; we are very likely to accept credit cards and adopt social media; and our communities are very engaged with their small business neighbors.  Here in our very own Rancho Santa Fe, small businesses run the show – and we couldn’t be prouder!


If you’d like more information about Rancho Santa Fe or other North County San Diego communities, give me a call at 858-922-2226858-922-2226 and we’ll chat!  Don’t forget to check out the Katie Hawkes Group’s Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website – and if you’d like to read the full article, “The Best Places to Launch a Startup in 2014,” it’s available on the Forbes website!





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