Selling Your Home: 10 Easy Kitchen Renovations!

Easy Kitchen Renovations Selling Real Estate Tips

As we mentioned in our earlier post, “Improve Your Home Before Selling,” it’s important to put the best face possible on your home before selling.  And even if you’re not selling your home, a little brightness and newness would be nice!  Is your kitchen looking a little rough around the edges?  Well, here are ten easy and inexpensive ways for any do-it-yourselfer to revamp a tired kitchen. Give your kitchen a gorgeous new character in an afternoon or a weekend!  Good luck, and enjoy!  And don’t forget to check out Katie’s Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website and Real Estate Blog for more home tips, hints and information!


1.   Paint, paint, paint!  This makes everything look brighter and newer.  Don’t get overly concerned with color – gloss and texture are even more important.  Are your old wood cabinets a little tired?  Try a glossy white spray paint, or a creamy while oil-based paint.


2.  Pulls and Handles!  When spicing up your cabinets, new pulls and handles can add a great punch.  A variety of fun pulls can be found in any hardware store; or, to step up your game, look at antique stores or quirky shops like Anthropologie for vintage or vintage-looking pulls.


3. Less is more!  Consider removing some cabinet doors to expose shelving, making the kitchen look bigger. Paint the inside of cabinets the same as the outside or, to make them pop, think about a brighter or contrasting color.


4. Out with the old!  Get rid of your old cabinet doors and replace them with clear glass, frosted glass, or vintage doors.  Add a swatch of fabric behind glass doors to give them flair, or use clear glass to display your favorite cups, dishes, glass or flatware.


5. Lights!  Consider a new lighting concept.  Track lights, suspension lights, paper lanterns, fun new fixtures and new light arrangements can brighten the room, create space and make your ceiling look higher.


6. Tile!  Use new or vintage tile to give your countertops a new face.  Your kitchen will be  practically new in a day!


7. Floor it!  Self-stick tiles, floating wood floors and wood tiles can all be applied in an afternoon.  Consider contrasting colors, like black and white, or look online for other creative ideas!


8. Fun with Faucets!   A bright new faucet can take attention off an old sink. Consider shiny chrome or white faucets to have your sink looking like new.


9. Reflect!  If you have wall space in your kitchen, a nice framed mirror is a great way to create the illusion of more space and light.  Use several small ones if they fit!


10. Cover up!  New window coverings freshen up both your walls and your windows.  Blinds, mini-blinds, shutters and drapes are all low-cost, low-energy additions that will give your kitchen a whole new character.

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