Should I Sell My Home Myself?

should i sell my home for sale by ownerIf you’re a San Diego resident thinking of selling your home, one of your options is always a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) arrangement, where you put your home on the market without the assistance of a realtor.   There are a number of rationales for this: after all, you know your home best.  Perhaps you see your neighbors selling their homes for great prices, and want to capitalize on a seller’s market.  Perhaps you want to maximize your profits by avoiding a realtor’s commission.  It’s the age of the internet, right?  As long as it’s on Craigslist and some real estate websites, a For Sale By Owner arrangement should work out fine. Right?  Well….sort of.


The truth is, people sell homes in For Sale By Owner situations all the time.  You’re right: the internet is an incredible tool, and FSBO arrangements are probably much more successful today than they could have been before websites like Craigslist and Zillow and  Even as a real estate agent, I’m not going to lie to you and say that you’ll never sell your home without the aid of a realtor, even in San Diego.


Here’s the catch: a recent study of home buyers and sellers found that on average in 2013, homeowners who sold with the aid of a realtor received over $40,000 MORE for their homes than those who chose For Sale By Owner.  And that’s for the average home in America; here in San Diego, where real estate is at such a premium, that difference is much greater.


If you’re still on the fence, consider these facts:

  • You know your home – but do you know what sellers are looking for? What makes people see potential? A realtor knows. We know how to make your home look and feel more appealing to buyers – which gets you a higher price.


  • Do you know how much your home is worth?  Do you know what might add to – or detract from – that value?  We do.  The value of your home depends not only on its condition and attributes, but also on the time of year, the state of the market, other recent sales in your neighborhood, and more. Under-price your home and you’ll lose out; over-price your home, and it may still be sitting on the market a year or more from now.


  • As far as marketing is concerned, social media and the internet can get you a long way, but often not ALL the way.  With a huge network of associations with other realtors, a brokerage associated with integrity and reliability, and a wider range of marketing resources than you have access to, a realtor can get your home “out there” much more effectively than even you and Craigslist can.


  • You’ve found a buyer! They willing, they’re financially able, it’s almost a done deal.  But there is still a mountain of contracts and other paperwork to wade through.  If you’re not on top of your legal game, you might find yourself out of your depth: selling your home for less money, making more concessions, getting a poorer deal overall, and opening yourself up to potential legal problems.  With a realtor, on the other hand, you’re off the hook.  We do this all the time, and we know how to get you the best – and most legally problem-free – deal you can get.


These, of course, are just the major reasons to work with a realtor.  We also save you time and provide an extra measure of security by meeting with possible buyers; weed out unrealistic buyers by screening for people who can actually afford to buy your home; make buyers feel more comfortable by providing a knowledgeable, professional presence during the buying process; and more.


If you have more questions about what a realtor can do for you, or if you’re curious about real estate in San Diego and the value of your home, feel free to give me a call at (858) 922-2226, or check out my Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Website for more information!

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