Summer Craft: Recycle Bottles&Jars into Flower Vases!

flower vase summer craftLong, sunny summer days are great times to do crafts with the kids, or get down to some crafty fun with friends!  It’s always nice to save money and the earth by using recycled elements in crafts, and one thing everyone has access to is an abundance of glass bottles and jars.  Save and recycle your wine bottles, soda or beer bottles, pickle jars, jam jars, baby food jars – any bottle or glass jar in your fridge can be transformed into a gorgeous flower vase!  Start by stockpiling recycled bottles and jars.  Remove the labels and clean thoroughly, until all traces of paper are gone.  Then decide which one of these flower vase transformations to make – or use a combination – or make up one of your own!


1. Use string, twine or yarn to create stripes and texture.  Use Tacky Glue or another craft glue.  Start at the bottom, adding small stripes of glue a little at a time (don’t slather the jar in glue all at once, it will dry too soon!).  Use one, two, or many colors!


2. Use two or more colors of colorful tape (available at any craft store) to decorate jars.  Wrap, or use strips of tape to create a layered look. Go horizontal, vertical, or a mix of both!


3. Go to the beach, collect some of your favorite seashells, and glue them in patterns around your jar with a glue gun.


4. Hot glue strips of wide lace, burlap or ribbon around your jar – or use a combination!  Lace on the bottom, a strip of burlap, accented by a strip of ribbon – voila, elegance!


5. Paint, paint, paint!  Use specialized glass paints, “stained glass” paints, puffy paints, metallic paints, or spray paints to transform glass bottles and jars into whatever design you can think up!  Clouds, flowers, polka dots! Think about using different shades of one color to create a spectrum effect, or use stripes of different colors to create a rainbow effect.


6.  If you’re using paint, use painter’s tape to ensure clean edges, and to create designs. Peel it off when you’re done to reveal the finished product!


7. Another fun thing to do with paint is to use waterproof paint to coat the inside of the jar.  Put some paint in the jar, then swirl it around to coat the inside to your liking. Pour out excess paint.  Allow to dry.  Use multiple paint colors to create interesting swirls and designs inside your vase.  Accent with some other design on the outside of the vase, if you desire!


8. For a simple and elegant transformation, simply dip a jar or bottle in paint to the level you desire.


9. Wrap vases with painter’s tape to create boundaries, then paint with “chalkboard paint,” available at craft stores.  This will transform the painted strips of the vase into chalkboards – use to write and rewrite messages!  These make great gifts, party favors, or just entertainment accents!


10. Use hot glue to create mosaic patterns with seashells, colorful stones, beach glass, or other creative materials with interesting colors and textures!






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