Threats to Your Home’s Value

bad-landscapingYour house may seem perfect to you and the value of the memories made there are priceless. But what is your home actually worth? A buyer may only notice certain factors, good or bad, and the key to getting the best value for your home is to avoid the bad traits and play up the good!

But what are the bad? Here are a couple key things that could potentially decrease the value of your home drastically or prevent it from selling.


Location:  Location is key to selling a home. People want to feel safe, private, and peaceful. If your home is next to the local gas station, overlooks the neighborhood power plant or something similar, this could hugely impact the value of your home. While you can’t quite uproot your house and move it, you can decrease the intrusion from outside sources. Plant privacy hedges to block out eyesores or build a fence/wall and plant some ivy to grow up and around the fence. Plant trees, flowers, and place bird feeders to attract birds and their peaceful melodies. Make sure windows that face other buildings or streets have curtains to add privacy and help block out noise. Anything you can do to detract from the poor location is great. 

Updates: With many houses on the markets buyers can be picky–meaning that they won’t see an outdated kitchen or bathroom as a good project, they just see flaws. If your house lacks key appliance updates or old paint jobs-fix this now. Wherever your budget allows replace appliances–preferably to stainless steel. Even a new stainless steel dishwasher (costs anywhere from $250+) can drastically improve the look of the kitchen. With kitchen cabinets a new staining can create a modern look or clean up the look of the kitchen. Add new toilets or sinks in bathrooms, as well as matching towel sets for when the house is shown. If you’re trying to open up the feel of the house, repainting in a lighter color adds a sunny vibe and adds the illusion of higher ceilings. These small updates can increase the value of your home by 10% so they are not to be skipped!


Water: A swimming pool or hot tub could have a negative or positive effect on your home. In a hot climate a pool or water feature is necessary. Without one your home could sit for much longer on the market and decrease in value. If you don’t have one and do not want to put one in–find a pool nearby and play up the fact that you have access to a pool but do not have to clean or maintain the area. In an area where backyard pools aren’t common, a pool could decrease the value of your home. Families with small children may be worried about them playing near the pool and some may not want to upkeep the pool.

Curb Appeal: Maintain the landscaping of your house. This will prevent you from having to make large repairs in the future. Keeping the lawn mowed, the hedges trimmed and flowers blooming will attract buyers. You want the house to seem clean and inviting from the outside. Repaint the house if needed to show that you have kept the house in tip-top shape. Trees benefit the house in that they provide shade for the home which could lower air conditioning costs, as well as possible places to hang swings for children. Keeping up the outside of your house is just as important as the inside.


These changes may not seem like a lot, but once done they can increase the value of your home and help to quickly sell your home!

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