Top San Diego Fitness Trends for 2014

san diego fitness trends 2014Here in Rancho Santa Fe – in fact, all over San Diego! – our great weather, fresh & local foods and health-conscious vibe make health and fitness a perennial goal for residents.  We at the Katie Hawkes Group are right on that bandwagon! Whether you’re an avid fitness devotee or making a New Year’s resolution to get more active, check out this list of San Diego Fitness Trends for 2014!


This list is the result of a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, involving more than 3,800 fitness professionals across the world.  Topping the list: High Intensity Interval Training. This appeared on the list for the first time this year, rocketing straight to the top; forthcoming surveys will tell whether it’s a true trend, or just a fad.  A few things from previous surveys that fell into the “fad” category, dropping off the list this year: Zumba, stability balls, spinning, and pilates.


Here are the top 11 Fitness Trends for 2014:


      1. High-Intensity Interval Training:  Despite potential dangers and high injury rates, this short and intense type of workout is incredibly popular because it typically takes less than 30 minutes to perform.  Involving high-intensity intervals of exercise separated by short periods of rest or recovery, these workouts are popular in gyms all over the world.


      1. Body Weight Training: This has become popular in gyms over the past few years, although as a practice it has existed forever!  Using one’s own body weight in resistance training is not a new idea, but it IS an important fitness trend that is effective, inexpensive and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Although most people think of it as pushups and pullups, there’s a lot more to it than that!


      1. Educated, Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals: As the economy bounces back and more disposable income is spent on fitness, there is an increasing demand for fitness professionals who have been educated, have a great deal of experience, and have accreditation from recognized, regulated fitness agencies.


      1. Strength Training:  A strong trend ever since the first year of the survey, this practice strength training (via weights, body weight, and other methods) either as a workout in its own right, or together with cardio and flexibility as a workout regime.  Used to improve and  maintain strength, recover from injuries, manage stable disease, strength training remains popular in all aspects of health and fitness worldwide.


      1. Exercise and Weight Loss:  Increasingly, all kinds of weight loss programs are highlighting the importance of regular exercise.  The combination of exercise and diet/nutrition is essential for weight loss, improving results and increasing people’s likelihood of adhering to their weight loss program.


      1. Personal Training: As personal trainers are more common, more educated and certified (see Trend #3), they are becoming more accessible in all areas of the health and fitness industry.  From community-based programs to commercial gyms and corporate wellness, they continue to be an important element of fitness.


      1. Fitness Programs for Older Adults:  Retiring adults today are hardly old and tired; they’re active, fit and conscious of the need to stay that way.  Because of this, more and more programs are focusing on the fitness needs of this demographic, including not only regular workouts for all ages but also more rigorous exercise, strength training and team sports. It’s never too late to get out and get healthy!


      1. Functional Fitness: this is defined as using strength training to improve balance, coordination, force power and endurance in order to improve and enhance daily living.  Often the activities used in these programs target the things people do in their day-to-day lives, aiming to make these things easier, safer and more enjoyable.


      1. Group Personal Training: This trend has continued over the past several years, simply extending the personal service of a trainer to 2-4 people at once. This makes training both more social and more economically feasible, which is attractive to many!


      1. Yoga: Although it seems to reinvent itself every year (with forms including Power Yoga, Yogalates, Bikram/Hot Yoga, and more adding to the already plentiful styles of traditional yoga), yoga is a continuing trend to improve strength and flexibility.


  • Children and Exercise for the Treatment/Prevention of Obesity: Childhood obesity and its related problems (diabetes, hypertension, and more) are problems all over the world.  As physical education programs and recess are cut back to increase classroom time, fitness and physical activity programs for children are becoming more of a trend in commercial and community-based organizations.
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