What NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

what not to do before sellingIt’s time!! San Diego real estate is looking good, summer is coming up, and you’ve decided to sell your home: but don’t fall into the same mistakes as many sellers new to real estate!  There are a number of steps you should complete before listing your home to sell in San Diego – and a number of things you should avoid!  Here is a list of what NOT to do when selling your home!



  1. DON’T put your home on the market without doing your research.  Learn about the current real estate market in your city and neighborhood; learn about what you’ll have to do to make your home more attractive to buyers (for example, by reading articles like How to Prepare Your Home to Sell: Step 1 and How to Prepare Your Home to Sell: Step 2); look into good real estate agents in your area; figure out what your next move will be when you sell; etc.


  1. DON’T put your home on the market before it’s ready. It’s true that some times and seasons are better than others for selling your home, but DON’T rush it!  Bringing possible buyers through while the new carpet is being installed or the walls are being painted is a big no-no.  You want buyers to see your home at its BEST – so get all the work done BEFORE it goes on the market!


  1. DON’T price your home based on how much money you want to get out of it.  The sales price of your home will depend on its actual value, which is determined by the state of the house as well as the current market. An experienced real estate professional can help you arrive at an appropriate, realistic selling price. Over-pricing can keep your home on the market longer, sometimes resulting in a lower sales price overall.


  1. DON’T hire a real estate agent without doing your homework.  Be sure to choose a professional with a proven track record and extensive experience IN YOUR AREA – just because they’re a good agent doesn’t mean they know your neighborhood.


  1. DON’T get too caught up in the emotions of selling your home.  This can be the hardest part!! Your home is a big part of your life, and if things don’t  go exactly the way you want them to, or a buyer doesn’t appreciate the home the way you do, it’s easy to take it personally.  But try to start thinking of your home as someone else’s dream – which leaves room for you to think about YOUR dream home!


  1. DON’T try to cover up problems.  Every home has a few issues; the key is to be upfront about them, so the buyers aren’t surprised with bad news at some later point in the buying process.  And just because you cover something up doesn’t mean you can’t be sued for it later!


  1. DON’T jump into the selling process without getting your financial ducks in a row.  Make sure you know the terms of your current mortgage; the state of the market in your neighborhood; and what you’ll need to buy your next home.  A good real estate agent can help you with these steps, too!


If you have any questions about the home selling process, or the current real estate market in North County San Diego, give Katie a call at 858-922-2226, and don’t forget to check out her Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate website for more information and real estate tips!

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